Michelle Obama Tells Tales to South Africans

Now that most of the dupes who voted for their love-object in 2008 have been betrayed in the worst way, Michelle Obama is trying to sell the same pre-election snake oil 8,000 miles away. The First Lady spoke to the Young African Women's Forum in Soweto, South Africa on Wednesday reprising the slogan which washed over American youth three years earlier. M. OBAMA: Yes, we can." (Applause.) What do you say? Yes, we can. (Applause.) What do you say? Yes, we can! AUDIENCE: Yes, we can! The comic ending followed a familiar reading of the Obamas' journey from selfless, struggling altruists working in the slums of South Side Chicago to the White House. Barack got a job as a community organizer in the struggling neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago But Barack started talking to people. He urged them to start working on the change they wanted to see...Slowly, the neighborhoods started to turn around. Little by little, people started feeling hopeful again. And when I graduated, got a job...(Read Full Post)