ACLU finds another reason to stop detaining border violators: gay and transgender abuse by fellow illegal aliens

A reporter at the Arizona Republic has detailed in a June 24th article a new assault from the Left on illegal immigration crackdowns occurring in Arizona and other states around the country.  It seems the ACLU is concerned with illegal gay and transgendered illegals being mistreated in American detention facilities. 

Cited in the article is a Mexican man who has begun the process to become a woman who was deported for prostitution.  When he/she reentered the country, a personal assault occurred in southern Arizona's Pinal County jail from other inmates.  Pinal County's Sheriff Paul Babeu is considered a possible congressional candidate for the seat currently occupied by Republican Jeff Flake.  Flake is running for the soon to be vacated U.S. Senate seat of Jon Kyl. 

The column complains that illegal immigrant detentions by the Department of Homeland Security have "soared" and implies that the growing numbers of detainees has hampered the health and welfare of these inmates:

LGBT detainees [are] on the rise because the government is detaining many more immigrants and that oversight is limited because the government contracts with many local and state facilities to house detainees.

LGBT detainees are more vulnerable to abuse because, unlike people charged with crimes, they are not legally entitled to court-appointed lawyers who can advocate on their behalf.

The particular detainee complaining of abuse in this column was denied asylum by an immigration judge but ordered the he/she not to be returned to Mexico.  In the judge's opinion, this border violator could face persecution in Mexico for being a transgender.

Another reason to stop the illegal immigration crackdown?

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