Expecting the Unexpected

Rush Limbaugh has been tracking the Orwellian "unexpected economic news" phenomena since Obama was elected. It has become laughable every time you see a headline with "unexpected" in it. But when you see the compilation put together it appears exactly as it is; a crude propaganda ploy. And it is simply not the overuse of the word "unexpected" but the total and almost absolute use of the "unexpected" terminology in regards to reporting Obama economic numbers. The "experts" want the reader to assume that Obama's economic policies are sound, and that the reader too, should join the crowd expecting better results. And just who are these professional expectation speculators anyway? Can I go to Harvard or Yale to study Economic Expectations 101? Where is the Committee Headquarters for Economic Expectations? Where do we go to complain about how lousy these professional expectation experts are? In today's Drudge Report there is a story about back to back holes-in-one. The odds of two...(Read Full Post)