Obama's furry new plan unveiled in Pittsburgh

Last week Mr. Obama showed us a glimpse of his inner Luddite when be attacked ATMs as evil job killing monsters who have thrown thousands of poor bank tellers out of work.  Barry's message was clear. Technology is bad because ATMs, airport kiosks, automated equipment and robots help to create unemployment.  Market Watch did the math and found that there are more bank tellers now than in those glorious days before the invasion of the ATMs, go figure.


This week we learned it wasn't ATMs and airport kiosks that have wrecked the economy after all, it's all part of the evil Republican conspiracy that is out to destroy America and Mr. Obama.  Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) channeled his inner Hillary as he re-branded the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy of Mrs. Clinton's delusional mind to explain the failure of Obamanomics and his party's all-out attack on prosperity.  Note to Dick and his comrades: two words on planned economic devastation, George Soros.


In a supreme bit of irony, the empty suit's trip to Pittsburgh came during the second day of the sixth annual furry convention.


More than 4,500 furries--fans of art, literature and games featuring anthropomorphic, or human-like, animals--are flooding the city for Pittsburgh's sixth annual Anthrocon, held at the David I. Lawrence Convention Center.  During their four-day meeting, which started Thursday night, the furries will attend lectures and workshops as well as nightly raves at the convention center.


Not unlike Mr. Obama, furries don elaborate costumes in an attempt to draw attention to their fantasy alter-ego while concealing their true appearance.  Of course these folks are engaging in a little harmless fun and they rarely if ever change costumes in order to continually pander (although some of them panda) to the gathered audience of the moment.  A number of the furries waved at the Obama motorcade as it sped by on Friday.


The motorcade also passed a number of protesters who turned out to vent their anger over Mr. Obama's unauthorized war in Libya.  One woman carried a sign which read "Serbia 1999=Libya 2011."  An unsubstantiated rumor said that there may have been a number of unemployed cue-card holders in the crowd angry over losing their jobs due to the widespread use of teleprompters.


The Obama campaign came to Carnegie Mellon University's robotics center to cuddle up to the hard-pressed manufacturing sector by unveiling a new $500 million plan to help promote the development new cutting edge technology.  The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that prior to his speech, the job killer in chief was given the opportunity to operate a sewer and water pipe inspection robot.  Mr. Obama was fascinated by the hi-tech robot. Now that's the kind of cool stuff he thought he would have to play with when he was elected president.


In the speech, he launched his new high-tech plan with six universities in what the administration is calling the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership. The plan also features 11 manufacturing companies, including Ford Motor Co., Caterpillar Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and Northrop Grumman Corp. Leading the effoIrt will be Andrew Liveris, chairman, president and CEO of the Dow Chemical Co., and Susan Hockfield, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


"The idea here is that we're bringing together all of the key players in a collaborative partnership to help identify these promising technologies, to invest in these promising technologies and to use them to drive a revitalization of American manufacturing," said Ron Bloom, assistant to the president for manufacturing policy.


Gee, that's a sharp about face from last week's anti-technology rant.  The plan sets aside $70 million to help develop hi-tech robots which will be able to replace countless workers once they are in use.  How many union jobs have been eliminated by current generation robots?  How many more union jobs will be lost to a new generation of more efficient robots?  The Bamster had better find a way to spin this before his next union fund raiser. 


Maybe Barry's union comrades already know that his latest scheme is just another furry costume to be used when pandering businesspeople for campaign money.  Much of the funding for Obama's latest job creation fantasy "is only reflected in Mr. Obama's 2012 budget request."  Do the companies involved in this grand partnership really believe anything will come of it?  Perhaps they are just playing along as not to run afoul of the IRS, EPA and the other agenda enforcement agencies of the Obama regime.


June 25, 2011



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