Coulter's new book describes 'The mob mongering left'

Richard Butrick  6/11/11   Coulter links the left to Robespierre and mob mongering.   From M&M to RR&M   The ideological axis of leftist ideas and ideals is generally taken to be the M&M team of Marx and Mao. What is  intriguing about Coulter's new book Demonic is precisely that it takes the French Revolution as the seed bed of leftist nirvana mongers. Like any historical hypothesis it is a question of how well the general category of core events and memetic themes cluster to the hypothesis. It seems to drill right through the seminal leftist works of The Frankfurt School all the way to the pious Marxism of the Dali Lama. To use an overworked concept, Coulter's work constitutes of a paradigm shift from M&M to R&R - Rousseau and Robespierre. Intriguingly, this is themed in with the psychology of mob behavior. This RR&M hypothesis works very well, as it tests out against the Kuhnian analysis of scientific...(Read Full Post)