Why Weiner can't quit

The New York Post may have discovered why Anthony Weiner is so reluctant to resign from Congress: he can't afford to.

According to the post, Weiner is not a lawyer, like so many of his congressional colleagues, nor does he have any business experience. Weiner is truly a public parasite, a purely professional politician. Politics has been his entire life experience since his start as a congressional staffer and he knows no other means of earning a living.

He graduated from third tier State University of New York at Plattsburgh in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in political science and went to work that same year for then-congressman, Charles Schumer. So Weiner, for all his blowhard blustering, is rather suspect in academic accomplishment, lacking the requisite Ivy League law degree possessed by so many Democratic politicos and his president. Nor does he have family money-his father is a Brooklyn lawyer but apparently middle-class rather than wealthy.

Ms. Weiner draws an attractive salary as Hillary Clinton's assistant but can Weiner count on sharing any of that? Considering how he has publicly humiliated his wife, he can't be feeling too secure in that assumption. So Little Anthony, unaccomplished career politician, needs to keep his day job as the Post puts it.


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