'Cars 2': Hollywood screws up again

This evening, along with my wife and our four children, I saw the much anticipated sequel to the wildly successful computer animated movie Cars.  The original  film, released by Pixar in 2006, was an inspiring story of self redemption -- the main character a young rookie race car named "Lightning McQueen" (played by Owen Wilson) who, while talented, is narcissistic, careless, and highly self centered.  Upon being stranded in fly-over country with ordinary people (well, cars), Lightning changes his ways and learns to do unto others.  The original Cars  was interesting, funny, family friendly, and had a decidedly Christian message.  Leave it to Hollywood to screw a formula like this up -- Cars 2  fell short on all counts.  The sequel was rife with violence (cars being murdered), toilet humor (Mater soils the floor with motor oil and gets stuck in a Japanese toilet stall with an automated bidet), environmentalism, and...(Read Full Post)