Arab leaders betray the Palestinians -- again

It was only a few days ago that, amid great fanfare, Egyptian authorities announced the reopening of the Rafah crossing at their border with Gaza.  The move was hailed as a major victory for the Hamas terrorist group, which rules Gaza, and a blow to Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip.  It was also viewed as a radical switch by Egypt's military rulers away from the more cooperative stance Hosni Mubarak displayed in his relations with Israel.  But in the Middle East, perceptions and conventional wisdom often turn out to be wrong.  It took only a few days for Egypt to dash Palestinian expectations. According to a June 1 report by Reuters and Haaretz, the Cairo-Hamas honeymoon has turned sour.  The number of Palestinians allowed to cross into Egypt has turned into a mere trickle -- from 565 last Saturday to 404 on Sunday to 631 on Monday, to 227 on Tuesday and to fewer than 100 by late Wednesday. "Following the joy that swept most of our people, movement at...(Read Full Post)