Sociologist Sued for Exposing Islamic Jew-Hatred

According to Ahlul Bayt New Agency, The Vigilance Musulmane (Muslim Vigilance) advocacy group filed a complaint with the Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight Against Racism (CGKR) against VUB professor of sociology Mark Elchardus for statements about Islamic Jew hatred quoted in the De Morgen newspaper (English translation courtesy of Vlad Tepes blog). Professor Elchardus' conclusions are based upon data from a 426 pp. report he co-authored entitled, "Young in Brussels: findings from the JOP monitor Brussels." Chapter 8 of this study, "Anti-Semitism in Brussels," devotes some thirty pages to highlighting the problem of rising Jew-hatred  in Brussels, particularly amongst young Muslim students. Elchardus provided this overview of the alarming problem to De Morgen:  Worrying is that half of Muslim students can be described as anti-Semitic...Worse, the anti-Jewish feelings have nothing to do with a low educational or social disadvantage, as is the case with racist...(Read Full Post)