American Thinker upgrades its publishing software today

Beginning at noon EDT, American Thinker will be switching to an upgraded publishing platform. Although the look of our site will stay the same, behind the scenes, there will be considerable work going on. It is possible that readers will experience an outage of AT service for a reasonably short period of time, as the old software is uninstalled, and the new software activated.

Please bear with us during any service interruption you might experience. The new software will require a period of time to "propagate" throughout the internet worldwide, and depending upon your location, the interruption may be nonexistent, brief, or a bit longer.


All of these changes reflect our growth, and our preparation for a better and bigger future. 2012 beckons.


We are grateful to all the readers who have donated money, or patronized our advertisers, or told their friends about AT.  It is because of you that we are able to thrive and grow. Thank-you!


Thomas Lifson
editor and publisher