Gary Johnson's Tea Party Résumé Going Up in Smoke?

As noted at The Daily Caller, world-famous country star and notorious pot-smoker Willie Nelson recently endorsed former New Mexico governor and now-presidential candidate Gary Johnson via Nelson's marijuana advocacy site Tuesday, the Teapot Party announced our biggest endorsement yet - former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson for the Republican presidential nomination. This was done with great thought. Johnson has been courting the marijuana-reform establishment ever since he was governor from 1995 to 2003. Information in politics in our electronic age moves faster than a New York minute.  As reported at The Daily Caller, yesterday Willie Nelson retracted his endorsement through an e-mail exchange with fellow Teapot-Partier Steve Bloom:Yesterday, both the Teapot Party and Gary Johnson 2012 sent out press releases announcing the endorsement. The media immediately jumped on it, with Politico, Fox and Raw Story leading the coverage. We were on a roll.But not so...(Read Full Post)