Obama's anti-Israel speech should surpise no one

The citizens of the United States elected a President who attended a strict Muslim madrassa (parochial school) for two years. Our current Commander-in Chief, while an impressionable young boy between 6 and 10 years old, bowed down toward Mecca five times a day while praying to Allah. He studied the Koran, including Sura 7:166, Sura 2:65, and Sura 5:60 and its repeated calls for the transformation of Jews into apes and swine. Barry Soetoro was   indoctrinated, as were millions of young Muslim boys, in the  same anti-Semitism that has always been taught in the Muslim madrassa's for the past thousand years.  Let's be very clear, Barry Obama surrounds himself with anti- Semitic advisors who relish the elimination of the Jewish state, attended a church for 20 years where the clergy spewed anti-Semitic hate, and now bows, scrapes and sends millions of US taxpayer dollars to Muslim countries and terrorist groups such as Hamas, who are the most lethal anti- Semites on the planet.  So where exactly does Barack Obama stand on life and death issues important to world Jewery, since almost all of his public actions toward Israel and the Arab world strongly reinforce this notion? 

Why are any Americans, Jewish or Christian, who support the continued establishment of the state of Israel, surprised that Barack H. Obama told the world, in dulcet diplomatic double speak, that Israel should simply drop dead?  Let's look at few items in the speech.

Our President forgot to include that Hamas and Fatah must first acknowledge the right of Israel to exist. Must have been an oversight, a silly mistake.

Our President called for "sovereign and contiguous state" for the Palestinian Arabs "based" on the 1967 lines. Based on an armistice line, not a real border?  What about the West Bank settlements and the Golan? Just off the table? The '67 lines are indefensible, but honestly Obama really doesn't give a damn.

Robert Spenser has nailed Obama's duplicitous plan to carve up Israel like a slaughtered goat:

What's more, Obama specified that the new Palestinian state should have "borders with Israel, Jordan, and Egypt," while Israel should have "borders with Palestine." The implication was that Israel, in Obama's vision, will border on neither Jordan nor Egypt - only on "Palestine." Yet currently Israel has substantial borders with both Jordan and Egypt. Obama was implying that his contiguous Palestine would comprise not just Gaza and Judea and Samaria, but large expanses of Israeli territory bordering on those two states.

That would leave a truncated, reduced Israeli rump state, reminiscent of the reduced and defenseless Czechoslovakia that remained after Neville Chamberlain fed the Nazi beast at Munich. And if Obama did not mean that the diminished Israel he envisioned would have no territory bordering on Jordan or Egypt, the establishment of a contiguous Palestinian state including Gaza and the West Bank would cut Israel in two: Palestine's contiguous territory would come at the expense of Israel's.

This Sunday, Obama will give a speech at AIPAC, The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, spinning his fairy tales of peace and hope based on the promises of terrorists and anti- Semites. Obama's Orwellian double speak in support for Israel and in search of Jewish campaign contributions sickens the stomach of any thinking, self respecting American. At first I thought that the AIPAC audience should stand up and turn their backs on the President during his speech, as a signal of their disgust for this plan. But Jews, and all Americans, should face their problem and not denigrate the office of the President. I would strongly suggest that no applause be giving to Obama before, during or after his appearance at AIPAC. None, not even one single clap.  It is the least we can do for the Israeli's who must deal with such disrespect and betrayal by this Administration.
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