Speaker Boehner invites Netanyahu to address joint meeting of Congress next month

House Speaker John Boehner issued a news release today (Thursday, April 14) announcing that he intends to invite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address a joint meeting of Congress next month once both houses of Congress pass a formal invitation resolution.Politics never being very far from anything that happens in Washington, one wonders why the Senate leader, Democrat Harry Reid, is missing from Boehner's announcement.Question:  Did Boehner float the idea with Reid but fail to get a firm commitment so the Speaker decided to proceed on his own?Question:  If so, was Reid's reticence prompted by coaxing from the Obama White House, which has never been enthusiastic about firm congressional support of Israel that contrasts sharply with the rocky relationship between the president and the prime minister? Question:  If Pelosi were still Speaker, would Bibi be addressing a joint meeting of the House and Senate next month? During his...(Read Full Post)