Obama's Mad Max war

Two weeks after Operation "Odyssey Dawn" was commenced on behalf of the "rebels" in Libya, the U.S. government is still trying to figure out exactly who it is we've allied ourselves with. At this point the answer should be clear: a bunch of idiots with no training, no organization, no communications, no tactical skills, and no strategy. Despite two weeks of NATO air cover, the "rebels" are doing little more than racing through the desert in jury-rigged pickup trucks like extras from a "Mad Max" movie - and making targets of themselves for Qaddafi's artillery in the process.The lack of military discipline is disgusting. For a group that is woefully ill-equipped and low on arms and munitions, the "rebels" seem to spend an awful lot of time dancing, ululating, and shooting AK-47s into the air. Anyone fighting for his life who had even the slightest forethought - even if he had no professional military experience - would understand that...(Read Full Post)