Shutdown? Why are we still discussing the 2011 budget?

The 2011 budget should have been passed by last year's Congress. The 1974 budget law requires that the budget for this fiscal year be passed by October 1 of last year.

The Democrats were in power last year. The entire government was under the control of the Democrat Party. In the Senate, the Democrats had a supermajority. In the House, the Democrats had a controlling majority. Their guy was in the White House.

Passing a budget could arguably be said to be Congress' primary duty apart from declaring war. But last year, we saw the contempt in which the Democrat Party holds the public. The Democrats ran away from their duty, a duty they accepted - indeed sought - by running for office.

But the Democrats did not want to run in the elections of November 2010 on their record, on their stewardship of the affairs of State. Instead they chose to be derelict in their duty to the country.

Now, under the goad of the Tea Party, the Republicans, having retaken control of the House, are insisting that the government institute a budget for fiscal 2011, which has already half gone. In the face of a $1.6 trillion deficit which is occurring, be it noted, in the absence of a national emergency even if in the context of poor economic performance, the Republicans are seeking to cut $61 billion in spending, a paltry 1.7% of the total budget and 3.8% of the deficit. And what do we find? We find the Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate Harry Reid attempting to marginalize the Tea Party, whose presence is the only reason that he is being forced to do his duty!

Let's review:

1. The Democrats, by abandoning their duty on the budget last year, have already shown that they have no respect for their responsibility to the country.

2. The Democrats certainly have no respect for Republicans and will not act in the interests of collegiality.

3. Therefore, the only thing that motivates Democrats in Congress is access to power. The only force that is going to move them is the fear of losing that power. What we know and they don't is that the citizenry is now aroused. It is fearful for the future of the country under the unmodulated profligacy of the Democrat Party in Washington.

So, let's treat the Harry Reids with the contempt they deserve. Reasonableness is not going to move the needle anyway. Let's do what is necessary to save the country and put the Dems to the test of public obloquy if they choose to continue their irresponsibility from last year and stand in the way of prudence and necessity.

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