Energy Reality Comes to Germany

Left wing activists claim that economically viable free-market sources of energy have subsidy costs that outweigh those of the utopian energy sources, wind and solar.  Among the claims is that nuclear power survives only because its industry gets lavish subsidies.However, the leftist theoreticians will have difficulty explaining this recent development in the real world, where the rest of us live and work:Germany's plan to accelerate its exit from nuclear power generation may raise electricity prices by as much as 30 percent.If nuclear power isn't economically viable, shouldn't energy costs fall when it is eliminated?  If government subsidies cover the true cost of nuclear power, why won't the German taxpayers enjoy a windfall of cost savings when that spending is discontinued?  Despite all the leftist magical thinking, reality shows that nuclear power actually costs much less than its "green" alternatives.Here in the US, it is correct to say that the nuclear...(Read Full Post)