Obama releases his long form birth certificate

Evidently concerned over the foothold Donald Trump has obtained, and the polls which show a substantial number of independents have doubts about his birth, President Obama this morning released his long form birth certificate.

The certificate is identical in form to the long form birth certificate of the Nordyke baby, which has been used as a contrast to the previously released computer-generated form made available on the Daily Kos site during the campaign:

There is absolutely nothing on the newly-released certificate that appears worth spending millions of dollars in legal fees to prevent release in various lawsuits that have been filed. Which raises serious questions about the president's motives in hiding the certificate.

Here is the letter the White House released, asking Hawaii to release the certificate.

Trump is claiming victory in forcing the president to release the certificate. During his remarks to the press, the president referred to "sideshows" and "carnival barkers," in  what appears to be a reference to Trump.

I see this as a good start. Now, the president should come clean on his academic transcripts. George W. Bush and John Kerry's academic transcripts were released. Why not Obama's?

Rick Moran comments:

The "Certificate of Live Birth" would seem to close the case on one element of the birth controversy - where the president was born. Even die hard believers in the president's Kenyan roots will have to take a long look at that theory.

Of course, the other controversy about the president's natural born citizenship is still alive and will continue.

This should finish Donald Trump as a candidate - but it won't. More likely a roadblock is the revelation that Trump has favored supporting Democrats more than Republicans over the years. At any rate, his claim that the birth certificate was "missing" makes him look like a fool.

Now can we get back to the business of the nation?

Update: Several people have written me pointing out theat Obama could have released his birth certificate to LTC Terry Lakin, who languishes in prison because the president was playing games with his birth certificate. How does it benefit the United States to have a decorated military physician in prison instead of serving with our armed forces?

The fact that Obama has gamed the entire country over the birth certificate spekas very poorly of his character. This is not how a serious president behaves.

At least two websites are raising questions about the validity of the document released. It is not yet persuasive, and if the White House faked this document, they would have to be insanely desperate.

Jennifer Rubin has a great comment:

...he was on a roll with zingers like this: "We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers."And then he flew off to do the Oprah show in Chicago.Yeah.

This was all a stunt of its own. Yesterday he was playing games on gas taxes and today it's the birth certificate. What's next - juggling knives? 
Update:  Several people have written pointing out the LTC Terry Lakin has sat in prison for over 5 months because the president refused to release this document earlier. On what possible ground, other than a desire to play political games with his opponents, could Obama let this happen? How does it benefit the United States to have this physician in prison instead of serving our armed forces? I doubt very  much if the question will be raised at a White House press briefing, but it should be.

At least 2 websites are questioning the validity of the docuemnt released (here and here). Obama would have to be insane or desperate to fake this. There's plenty of time for forensic analysis.