Activist federal judge hands down unconventional ruling

Last May the Illinois Legislature caught the taxpayers off guard by passing new labor reforms designed to save jobs by rescuing Chicago’s faltering convention industry.  Many of us were stunned that the Democrat dominated legislature joined their Republican colleagues and actually did something that was in the best interests of the people of our state.  Not only did our elected representatives in Springfield pass the measure, but they held firm after Governor Pat (the union puppet) Quinn nixed the reform bill and overrode his veto to enact the desperately needed legislation.  The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Jim Reilly, the General Assembly trustee appointed to run McCormick Place and Navy Pier (referred to as McPier) was justifiably optimistic about the future business climate in the wake of the union labor reforms which restored the city’s competitive balance.   “As all observers of the convention and trade show business are...(Read Full Post)