Real California Pollution

ReasonTV has released a must-see video for anyone interested in learning why California is in such deep economic trouble which will only worsen.

Here is the classic story of how scientists, depending on big government for their livelihood, can become totally corrupted and then used to achieve politically-driven outcomes. The same scenario explains why the manmade global warming hoax continues to claim scientific support.

As the video also points out, Californians refuse to accept any concept of victory in reducing air pollution. Last November, voters had an opportunity to approve a referendum slowing implementation of a discredited cap-and-trade "solution" established five years earlier in response to the hysteria over manmade global warming.  However, during the debate leading up to the vote, environmentalists and a compliant media switched the subject from reducing global warming to promoting "clean air" and won handily.

Two weeks ago, a California court stopped the implementation process by finding the California Air Resources Board used faulty procedures to justify its rule-making power -- a small victory against ever-growing junk science.