Why Obama has no business being President of the United States: Reason #2,558

From the Dan Balz column in the Washington Post: On the budget, Obama remained above the fray. He offered this advice: "Both sides are going to have to sit down and compromise on prudent cuts somewhere between what the Republicans were seeking that's now been rejected and what the Democrats had agreed to that has also been rejected. Then, from that high-altitude perspective, he added: "It shouldn't be that complicated."My comment: It shouldn't be that complicated? Yes..how easy budgetary issues should be when you play with other people's money, have zero experience in the business world (and governing), consider the huge deficit and debt a problem that others will be forced to be burdened with in years to come, use phony numbers to pass ObamaCare and use similar phony numbers to misrepresent the Obama record.Meanwhile even liberals complain that he has been AWOL on many issues-including budget negotiations. Indeed...in a fantasy world, it wouldn't be complicated! Maybe...(Read Full Post)