Obama hits the links while catastrophe confronts close ally

He didn't attend a meeting of his top national security aides on Wednesday where the no-fly zone for Libya and other potential actions were discussed. OK - so that's not unusual. Presidents sometimes stay away from these meetings so that everyone feels comfortable about expressing their opinion. But it seems just another way for Obama to vote "present" when you think about it.

Now, with Japan facing its "most significant crisis since World War II," according to the prime minister - with devastation so vast as to be nearly incomprehensible from the greatest earthquake to hit the island nation in its recorded history and a hugely destructive Tsunami that followed, not to mention a potential nuclear accident that might make huge swaths of that country uninhabitable - what does our president do?

What he always does - he plays golf.

From ABC News:

Even as his administration and the U.S. military help Japan recover from a devastating earthquake, and as the world worries about Fukushima's nuclear reactor, the president could not resist taking advantage of the 48-degree weather in the Washington, D.C., area.

The president left the White House Saturday afternoon for a short trip to Joint Andrews Base in Camp Springs, Md.

With cloudy skies, it's not the best weather for golf, but Obama loves to spend his Saturdays on the greens. Last fall, Obama went golfing darn near every weekend.

These are never quick "work on your swing" trips; usually the president plays 18 holes, as he did last week.

I quoted this earlier in the week from Ace of Spades but it bears repeating in this context:

In the cases of uprisings in Iran and Libya, rather than show American leadership, he once again voted present and said little and did even less. He left a leadership void in world leadership now being filled, thankfully, by the British and the French.

All of these cases illustrate that Obama really isn't bringing anything to the table. He is not contributing to the most important questions facing the country - he does not offer ideas, or support for particular plans. He lets other people do the deciding, and then he embraces whatever consensus others have created.

A Republican candidate for President should ask: For $400,000 per year in salary, what are we actually getting? Is he actually doing his job? Couldn't anyone do what Obama has done? Put anyone in the office, someone unqualified and well over their heads, and they'd do the same thing, sit back, let other people handle it.

(H/T: Hot Air )

In the cause of promoting his own comfort at the expense of his official duties and dignity of the office, he has no equal among modern presidents.