WaPo shields Abbas from blame as terror attack kills five Israelis

It was one of the most heinous terror attacks against Israeli civilians.  On the Sabbath, in the middle of the night, one or more Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the Jewish community of Itamar in the West Bank and stabbed to death five members of the same family -- a father, a mother, and three children.Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netnanyahu blamed the attack on incessant anti-Israel incitement by Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority in media, mosques and schools under their control.  He also called on world leaders to express their revulsion against such terrorism in no uncertain terms.If Netanyahu thought that the might get any such firm response from Abbas, his supposedly "moderate" peace partner, he was sadly mistaken.  Even strong prodding by the White House failed to get a clear-cut Abbas condemnation and rejection of Palestinian terrorism.Abbas instead issued a mealy-mouthed statement of "rejection and condemnation of all...(Read Full Post)