NYT, WaPo agree -- Deadly Jerusalem bus bombing was not an act of terrorism

A British woman was killed and dozens of bystanders were injured when a bomb exploded in the center of Jerusalem.  An all too familiar event in Israel -- a country that has sustained more terrorist attacks than any other nation.But as far as the Washington Post and the New York Times are concerned, the bomb explosion -- designed to kill and maim as many civilians as possible -- was not an act of terrorism.Both newspapers go to great lengths to avoid describing the Jerusalem bombing as a terrorist event. .  The Washington Post headline -- "Blast fractures Jerusalem calm -- Bomb Kills One at Bus Strop -- Dozens hurt in city once accustomed to attacks" -- carefully elides the "T" word.  Ditto the New York Times headline:  "Explosion in Jerusalem Kills One and Shatters Relative Calm."Keeping to the Post's long-held doctrine that there is no such thing as Palestinian terrorism, Jerusalem correspondent Janine Zacharia reports...(Read Full Post)