WaPo blames Israel for Palestinian barbarity (updated: NY Times too)

  On Jan. 6, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas released half a dozen Hamas terrorists from a Palestinian Authority jail, including Wael Bitar, a terrorist kingpin implicated in several attacks against Israeli civilians, including the murder of 4 Israelis four months ago.The sequence of events was as follows:On Thursday, Jan. 6, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas released half a dozen Hamas terrorists from a PA prison, including a wanted killer implicated in the murder of four Israelis four months earlier.  This was but the latest in a long string of Abbas's "revolving door" tactics with Palestinian terrorists -- grab headlines by arresting them and then let them loose a few days or a few weeks later.Did the Post report any of this in its Jan. 7 edition?   It did not.  Not a word about it.On Friday, Jan. 7, an Israeli Defense Forces unit proceeded to reverse Abbas's shameful act with a roundup of the terrorists he had freed the...(Read Full Post)