Iranian Christians under arrest

According to Elam Ministries, the Iranian government arrested 25 Christians on Christmas Day, and planned to detain 16 others, but was unable to locate them.One of those detained was able to make a call to friends from an unknown location on the morning of the arrests, leaving this message -"Unfortunately early this morning the authorities came to our homes. They arrested us and many other believers. I want to ask you to pray for us. We are sure God will never leave us or forsake us. God bless you. Sorry for giving you bad news over Christmas, but I believe God will do something for us."Those who received the voice message were impressed by the caller's courage and calmness.Armed, plain-clothes, special security officers forcefully entered the homes of Christians while they were asleep, and verbally and physically abused them. They were handcuffed and taken for interrogation. Among those arrested were five married couples. One couple was separated from their two-year old...(Read Full Post)