'Dwindling religious diversity'?

The Vancouver Sun recently ran a story headlined "Church bombings mark the dwindling religious diversity of the Middle East."

A much more accurate, honest and factual headline would be something like 'Coldblooded murders of Christians mark continued attempts by Islamists to religiously cleanse Middle East'. That is because the bombing of churches throughout the Middle East, most recently in Egypt and Iraq but really throughout the region, are precisely that-coldblooded murder and an attempt to rid the Middle East of Christians and Christianity by Islamists acting in the name of Islam. The evidence is incontrovertible and there is no way to cover up what they actually are and what they are intended to do. They are coldblooded murder pure and simple and their intent is to eliminate Christians and Christianity in Islamic states and make them truly monolithic.

Islam has always been a religion of intolerance, hate and death and the church bombings are really just the latest manifestation of this. Except for Israel, Islamists have succeeded in effectively getting rid of Jews in the Middle East and they are trying to do the same with Christians. Islam does not permit religious diversity and the murders are meant to remove Christians from Islamic countries, period. Islamists have already been successful to a large degree and the Christian presence in the Middle East is negligible and marginalized and becoming more so all the time. Ethnic cleansing based on religion perpetrated by Islamists acting in the name of Islam is exactly what's going on in the middle east and denying that is beyond futile. 

Its also no use denying that Islamic intolerance is entrenched and growing in the West, including the United States and Canada and that history tells us it must be stopped in its tracks if Western civilization is to survive. Islamization in Western societies is becoming more prevalent every day and unless we take serious measures to defend our Judeo-Christian way of life we will soon find ourselves living under Islam's sword with all the horror that entails, including sharia law and religion based ethnic cleansing. Don't think it could happpen here? Wrong. Its already among us and the longer we fail to recognize this and take appropriate action the more endangered we become.

Headlines like "Church bombings mark dwindling religious diversity of the Middle East" don't help at all because they sanitize and obscure the truth and blind us to reality.