Chinese Stealth Better than Our Stealth?

There's been a lot of buzz lately about the newly revealed Chinese Stealth Fighter, the J20.   Most of the comments I've read have included references, comparisons or debate with our own stealth aircraft.  Now, first let me say, that I support our stealth aircraft 100%, I believe that production of the F22 was stopped way too soon, and that everything should be done to bring the F35 to the front lines as soon as possible.   However, any comparison with "Their Stealth" vs. "Our Stealth" is meaningless.You see, stealth technology has a purpose, and it isn't to destroy other stealthy stuff. No, the purpose of stealth is to limit the ability of high value targets to defend themselves.   I note that the J20 is a big aircraft.  It's wingspan of 46ft and length of 75ft make it bigger than an F22.   Fitted with a pair of WS-15 Engines (the prototypes are thought to be using Russian Al31FU engines), it'll be fast too.  (Information about...(Read Full Post)