Equality for Muslim women?

There are some people - let's call them Islamophobics - who claim the Muslim religion discriminates against women. But then there are others - let's call them Islamophiles - who claim Muslim women have equal rights in the really important thing of life--suicide terrorism.

Paula Hancocks of CNN describes  the life of Muslim female terrorists in training.

Sitting beside a table of guns, rocket-propelled grenades and land mines, the scene is carefully choreographed for our camera and the message is clear.

One woman tells me: "I am trained and ready to be a suicide bomber against Israeli soldiers."

She rejects any doubt whether Islam allows women to fight.

"On the path of the Prophet they used to fight and struggle, so there is no trouble with that. They used to transport the wounded, but now we have ambulances for that."

Another woman has gold rings adorning one hand and a hand grenade in the other.

Another advance for gender equality!