All together now sing 'Infrastructure'

Can anyone think of a shrewder way to garner support that to tout "infrastructure investment. These are Barack Obama's plans for the State of the Union address and for winning the White House in 2012. Again, as he did with the AMA and AARP during the fight to pass Obama Care, Barack Obama has figured out the magic words to buy off unions and business-at the expense of taxpayers and their children who will be paying off these boondoggles for decades to come. People, people, people: these are not "investments" in the future, they are spendthrift boondoggles. They are pork.From Peter Schroeder of The Hill:Groups from across the political spectrum are hoping President Obama will renew his vow to increase investment in the nation's infrastructure during Tuesday's State of the Union address.An infrastructure plan could provide a rare opportunity for the president to make strides with both the business community and labor unions - traditional foes that both say infrastructure...(Read Full Post)