Watch the Leopard Change His Spots

The traditional State of the Union address will be given tonight by President Obama.  It will be held in the House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.  Both Senators and Congressmen will be present on the floor of the Peoples' House, with their families and guests in the balconies.  Who knows if the Supreme Court will appear after the insulting remarks Obama made about them in the State of the Union last year?  The Joint Chiefs of Staff from the military will also be present.  As is the custom, one senior person from the President's administration -- usually a cabinet level person -- will be absent by design.  This is in case some huge disaster should befall the people in attendance, the U.S. government will continue.

For the last two years Obama has hewed to the hard left and socialist positions.  He has spoken that way, he has supported people who voted that way, and he has received funding and media support from those who feel that way. 

After the November 2010 election, when the Democrats were strongly repudiated by the American voters, Obama began immediately to tap-dance his way toward the middle of the political spectrum.  Suddenly, after years of bashing big business, capitalism and wealth, Obama has begun to spin his way to Mr. Nice-Guy and ‘can't we all get along' protestations of bipartisanship. 

He has chosen Bill Daley to be his Chief of Staff.  A good choice.  Daley is not only a good businessman, he's already been Secretary of Commerce under Clinton, and he's a Chicago Daley.  Couldn't be better!

In addition, Obama has named one of his best supporters, Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric (GE) to head yet another of Obama's economic councils.  GE has benefited from TARP funds, Stimulus funds, mercury light bulbs, defense contracts, ‘green' ecology projects and other special ‘arrangements.  Now we are to believe that Obama loves big business.  That he recognizes it's the only way to earn our nation's way out of its deficit/recession/depression, etc.  He suddenly wants so badly to work together on both sides of the aisle to bring America back to her greatness in the world.  He has, after all been consulting with Bill Clinton (the Come-Back Kid of 1994) and has been reading Ronald Reagan's speeches.  Both of them - especially Clinton - worked the political center to win their second terms in office, and that's why Obama is trying it, too.

Now ask yourself: if the Democrats had won the November 2010 elections, would any of this be happening?  Do you really believe Obama has changed his philosophy?  Do you think he would be talking and acting this way if he had other choices?  Do you really believe the Dems would be talking ‘civility' and ‘let's all sit together during the State speech' if they had won in November?

Will Obama's State address "investments," disguised as increased spending in science, technology, and education, really result in reducing the astronomical national debt and creating much needed jobs?

C'mon America!  Use your brain.  Don't be gullible; don't be duped.  Think.  Obama's re-election campaign is just getting started. Leopards don't change their spots.  They camouflage them with a Tap, tap, tap, slide, slide, slide, spin, spin, spin.