Week's worth of stories censored by NY Times, Wash. Post

The following stories -- in the span of a week -- were widely disseminated.  But none made it into the news pages of the New York Times and the Washington Post.  It's all too familiar pattern that points to a biased pro-Paletinian, anti-Israel agenda in their news coverage.Let's take a look at what these two major newspapers did not seem fit to print:Dec. 24--Palestinian Authority TV ClaimsJesus was a Palestinian, Denies his Jewish AncestryDec. 25--Abbas aims for "Judenrein" Palestinian state -- No room for a single Israeli.Dec. 25--Hamas Ultimatum:  Israel has Two Options -- Death or Leaving Palestinian Lands.Dec. 28--Abbas Cracks Down on Main Political Rival, Mohammed DahlanDec. 28--Hamas Reported Torturing, Killing Israel-bound Africans in SinaiDec. 29--Fatah Bans Abbas Rival from Party MeetingsDec. 30--Journalist Who Aired Dissension in Abbas' Party Gets Five-Day DetentionDec. 30--Poll: Solid Majorities of Palestinians Oppose Two-State Solution Along...(Read Full Post)