The GOP Trap

The Red Tide is spreading across the nation but we should be wary what it might carry to shore. As Republicans look forward to sweeping the House and increasing the number of Republicans in the Senate will they hear the voices of the people regarding spending and earmarks or will they default to the spending mode with earmarks galore? That is a risk that some, including Betsy McCaughey (former deputy Governor of New York), see emerging when contemplating the leadership line-up in Congress.She writes of this Seniority Trap in today's New York Post:Already, GOP chiefs are divvying up key committee chairmanships -- with the same people who ran things last time 'round jockeying to get their power back. If that happens, voters who supported Republican candidates to rein in the cost of government will be defeated after the election by the seniority system in Washington.Tea Party candidates promised voters they'd end profligate spending, ear marks and political deal-making. Those who win...(Read Full Post)