Carter an embarrassment to American politics

Jimmy Carter, one of the worst presidents ever (and I'm being charitable) spat up his opinions on current American politics while in Utah.

The American political atmosphere is becoming an embarrassment, former President Jimmy Carter told reporters at the King's English Bookshop on Thursday.

"Americans don't realize how dramatically our political atmosphere has gone downhill," Carter said.

Candidates are now getting massive amounts of money that is being used in negative campaigns. "The best way to get elected or re-elected now is to tear down the reputation or character of your opponent," he said. "That builds up a distrust because they are constantly attacking on television, and by the time the successful candidate gets to Washington, they have that deep feeling of animosity and division that carries into the deliberations of the Congress."

This from the man who tore down the reputation of his opponents, is tearing down the American people in this statement, continues to tear down allies such as Israel while boosting our nation's enemies and tears down our nation.

Contemporary politicians should learn from him, use him as a role model, continues the one term president, replaced by Ronald Reagan, a man who restored the country from its malaise.

During his time as president, Carter says he had superb support from the Republican Party. "I had the best batting average with the Congress than any president except Lyndon Johnson since the second World War," Carter said, "and it was because I got support from Republicans."

That's not the case now. "Republicans have been completely irresponsible in the last 20 months," Carter said.

Well, he is right there--the Republicans were irresponsible, didn't shout loud enough about the coming damage of Obamacare, the high taxes, the expansion of government...

Carter has some dubious advice for Obama.

"When he gets voted down in the House, he can take the issue straight to the American people and say, 'Look, this is what I proposed and the GOP refused to go along with it.' I think he'll have a good debating issue, which he hasn't had in the past 20 months."

And if the GOP ( Grand Old Party ie, Republicans) should oppose Obama's proposals, refusing "to go along with it" the Americans will shout "Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving us from the horror of Obamacare, higher taxes, especially the death tax and joblessness.

Jimmy, you are an embarrassment to the American people, to the American presidency, to senior citizens. Please go home and quietly eat some peanuts.