NY Times soft on antisemite filmmaker

Later this month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences plans to award an honorary Oscar to Jean-Luc Godard, a New Wave French filmmaker with a deep-seated anti-Semitic streak.  Recent biographers have provided ample documentation of Godard's unremitting anti-Semitism.But that's not the way Godard is described in a lengthy, front-page article in the Nov. 2 edition of the New York Times ("Hollywood Production:  An Honorary Oscar Revives a Controversy" by Michael Cieply.)Cieply's article strives mightily against accepting the plain fact that Godard is an anti-Semite.  Instead, Cieply skirts around his anti-Semitism and merely raises the question of whether he might really be an anti-Semite in the deepest recesses of his character.So, Cieply, in his lead paragraph, instead describes Godard as "that most deeply confounding of European filmakers."He then goes on to report that the Academy suddenly finds itself having to...(Read Full Post)