NY Times' phony gotacha game with settlements

If you believe the New York Times' coverage of the breakdown in talks between Israel and the Palestinians, it's all about settlements, settlements, settlements -- and nothing else.The latest example of this misplaced obsession is Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner's  Oct. 22 article,("Settlement Building Picks Up Speed Across the West Bank -- Digging foundations as proof of permanence ahead of second freeze" (page A6)It's an infantile attempt to play games with exactly how many new housing units and foundations for homes are being built in West Bank settlements since the end of Israel's self-imposed 10-month construction freeze, which Israel hoped might get the Palestinians to the negotiating table.Maybe it's a couple of hundred units that are being built.  But wait:  Foundations are being laid for another 300.  And the AP reports the total is 544.  And this goes on and on across six columns.To prove exactly what?  Well,...(Read Full Post)