Liberal Billionaires Good, Conservative Billionaires Evil

Liberals love their billionaires, a very long and sometimes radical list that includes Barack Obama's special favorites Warren Buffet and George Soros. Warren Buffet provides economic advice to his goofy novice, and then has to watch our over-rated chief executive herald that a non-existent metric - the profit-to-earnings ratio - had reached levels that cried out to all those sitting on the sidelines to jump back into the stock market.  Though it must painful for Buffett to listen to his marionette's mangled message, Buffet gets to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that the 10% interest he collects on his preferred shares of GE and Goldman Sachs (purchased at the height of the financial crisis in 2008) will never be in jeopardy from a government engineered corporate bankruptcy no matter how brutally Obama might wage war on the rest of capitalism's participants. Buffet was not one of the unfortunate bondholders reamed by Obama's nationalization of GM or Chrysler. ...(Read Full Post)