This is how Arabs respond to Israeli 'confidence building measures'

With forced encouragement from the US, Israel removed some security barriers and security checkpoints as a "confidence building measure" prior to yet another round of "peace talks" with the Arabs under the auspices of the US. These barriers and checkpoints, condemned by the usual spectrum of Israel haters as racist and militaristic, provided Israel with a high degree of safety as they made it more difficult--but not impossible--for the surrounding Arabs to carry out acts of terror.

And now, a few days before the beginning of still yet another round of "peace" talks between Israel's democratically elected Binyamin Netanyahu and the Arabs' Mahmoud Abbas, who has a precarious hold on the presidency of some of the Arabs who want a separate Palestinian state, another horrific slaughter of Israeli Jews by Arabs who want to eliminate Israel took place.

Four killed as terrorists open fire near Kiryat Arba; victims, from Beit Hagai, shot while driving, include 2 men, 2 women, one reportedly pregnant; US calls attack 'tragedy'.

Tragedy is diplomatese for not very nice.

But nevertheless Israel will certainly be lectured by outside mediators and self righteous pundits to ignore this incident as a price for peace as this proves the Arabs are desperate and losing hope. Perhaps the mediators will also encourage Israel to be forthcoming with more confidence building measures. Of course, Arabs are never required to do any confidence building measures of their own. However this latest terrorist attack does serve as a confidence building measure by the Arabs--most Israelis now have perfect confidence that most of the Arabs cannot make peace, do not want peace, no matter what the mediators and self righteous lecturers, who do not have to live with the horrific aftermath, say.

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