In Case You Hadn't Already Realized

When Iran's Ahmadinejad started throwing out crazy accusations from the UN General Assembly's podium, claiming that the United States government had organized the September 11 attacks, members of the US delegation stood up and walked out.

So also did the delegations of what the NY Times pegs at about 33 nations. That's thirty-three countries whose leaders refused to listed to the anti-American ravings of the Iranian lunatic. Nice. You could probably name all thirty-three countries pretty close to correctly just off the back of your hand.

But, wait. There are 192 member nations of the UN -- every one of whose delegations sat and listened except for the approximately 33 who stood by us (and the Israelis, who were absent due to the Jewish holiday of Succos).

Any wonder why the UN is so reliably ready to stand against us and to condemn Israel with monotonous regularity? The real wonder is why we stay in that nefarious organization and why we host it in our most prominent city.