Plenty of seats still available to hear The One

As the campaign season winds down Team Obama's collapse is making partisan fans in The People's Republic of Chicago wax nostalgic for the ‘69 Cubs. Ticket sales are down and even blocks reserved for corporate and union sponsors are not bringing people through the turnstiles. The MSM is doing their best to promote their fading star and cameras are no longer panning the crowd for fear of causing panic as the empty seats continue to multiply.

During Team Obama's recent road trip to New York's Roosevelt Hotel Ballroom, Gail Sheehy at The Daily Beast (not to be confused with the Beast named Daley) observed.

Who would have thought that six weeks before a cliffhanger election, President Obama would have to reach down to the D list to fill a room to listen to him? Most of us low rollers arrived early to see President up close and personal. Our tickets for the general reception at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York were only $100. Some thought the email invitation was a joke. Some bought tickets for $50 from their desperate Democrat committeeman. Some bought the same day.


Only after I received four email invitations and two personal calls imploring me to come did I call Speaker Pelosi's office to check the admission price. "You mean, to be in the room with the President of the United States is now on fire sale for $100?"


"How long do we get?"

"Half hour."

"How many $100 givers have rsvp'd?"

"Mmmm 250."

"Do we need to line up early to get in?"

"That's not necessary. Everybody will get in."

And everybody did-450 people in a room that holds 650. Even Obama's fire sale didn't sell out.

Dan Grandone, Wisconsin State Director for Organizing for America sent me yet another invite to Barry O's September 28th rally in Madison, Wisconsin which "will feature a performance by acclaimed singer-songwriter Ben Harper." This rally is free and open to the public, no tickets are necessary and a RSVP is only "encouraged." Given the mood of the country attendees have been warned "No signs or banners are permitted."

Things sure have changed and I doubt this is what those mindless Obama supporters had hoped for. Promoters are reaching out to everyone in the phone book in hopes of drawing a crowd to conceal the unpopularity of Team Obama. Ben What's-his-name? What happened to the starry eyed A-list celebrities? I wonder if Eugene Kane will make the trip from Milwaukee? If Barry loses Comrade Kane it really is all over.

Still Mr. Obama is our future former president and in the spirit of bi-partisanship I would like to offer him some promotional ideas to help increase attendance.

1. Free ‘Hope and Change' commemorative posters (to the first 450 fans).

2. Free ‘Limited Edition' 2008 ‘Countdown until Bush leaves office' daily calenders (while supplies last).
3. Four words; ‘Joe Biden's Nickel Beer Night.'
4. All fans receive vouchers for 99 weeks of extended unemployment benefits (free ‘Going Out of Business' signs for small business owners who don't qualify for unemployment compensation).
5. Barack Obama ‘Bobble Head' night (free to all fans under 65 IQ).

Of course these are just a sample of the really BIG promotional ideas that David ‘Mr. Astroturf' Alexrod is considering for the ‘Obama 2012' campaign.