Which 'Malik Shabazz' visited the White House?

It's increasingly likely that the White House was involved in the decision to drop the election intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and Big Government reminds us that the visitor's log indicates a Malik Shabazz visited there in July 2009. The White House has said it was a different Malik Shabazz, and Big Government asks which one, adding a timeline to show why it's likely it was the Black Panther's head Shabazz and not a stranger curiously sharing his name:

The idea that an individual named Malik Shabazz had a private meeting in the White House residence in July 2009 is highly relevant because throughout July, Congressmen Frank Wolf (R-VA) and Lamar Smith (R-TX) were beginning to ask questions about to the dropped charges against the NBPP. So was the United States Commission on Civil Rights. Here is a timeline, according to Adams:

* July 8, Representative Frank Wolf sent a letter to Judiciary Chairman John Conyers and Ranking Member Lamar Smith demanding hearings before the House Judiciary Committee.
* July 9, Ten members of the House sent a letter demanding the DOJ Inspector General open an investigation.
* July 13, The Dept. of Justice replied but their letter contained factual inaccuracies about the case
* July 17 Smith and Wolf send a swift and pointed rebuttal
* July 20, Low-level DOJ staffers were sent to the Hill to brief Wolf on the Panther story, but Wolf threw them out of his office claiming they weren't being truthful to him.
* July 22, Wolf sent another letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding answers.
* July 24, Portia Robinson, intergovernmental liaison at DOJ, sent a letter to the Civil Rights Commission trying to deflect attention.
* July 25, a man named Malik Shabazz visited the exclusive, private residence in the White House.
* July 30, the Washington Times broke the news that top political appointee, Tom Perrelli (the #3 official at Justice) was involved in the dismissal of the case. Perrelli was also a top campaign bundler for Obama.

The White House has assured the American people that the Malik Shabazz that visited the White House at that time is not the same Malik Shabazz at the center of the New Black Panther story. But, the White House has not provided any information to verify its contention or who this "other" Malik Shabazz is.

Clarice Feldman

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