Why so touchy?

Ever since the recent polls came out that a fairly significant, and growing, number of Americans believe that President Obama is a Muslim, there seems to be a really strange pattern of behavior developing. It seems like every elite media type on the air and in print is highly upset, even indignant, that people might think Mr. O is an adherent of the ‘religion of peace.' Let's forget about the reason that people might believe this to be true and ask another question. Why would the elites care if people believe this? First, they have always said that religion is a personal choice and nobody has a right to ask what a person's personal beliefs are. At least you're not supposed to ask Democrats that question. So if it doesn't matter and it's nobody's business, why should they care what people think? Second, and more importantly, from having watched and listened to these reporters in the past, most logical observers would predict that they would take this as a positive if they had any...(Read Full Post)