Chris Matthews' latest verbal blunder

Watch this video (you can scroll to 3:25 if you have a limited tolerance for Matthews, although it's worth it to see the whole video) and see Chris Matthews flaunt his ignorance. Discussing the Ground Zero Mosque:

Matthews: "Suppose they built this thing right square over....right over the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem"

Obviously, he does not realize that the Dome of the Rock Muslim "Shrine" was built directly on the site of the 2nd Temple  -- "right over" the "Wailing Wall" (It's called the "Western Wall," Chris) on the Temple Mount, not to mention that the Al Aksa Mosque is also built on the Temple Mount. 

By the nature of his question to the "Jewish Lesbian Socialist", Matthews would object to the building of a Muslim shrines and mosques on the Temple Mount.
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