New Jennifer Aniston movie celebrates 'fatherlessness'

Hollywood is endorsing fatherlessness again. In Jennifer Aniston's new movie, The Switch, fathers are painted as dispensable objects. In the actress's view, women can go it alone. Apparently - cliché alert - times "have changed" says Aniston. A supposedly independent woman can now pick up some takeaway sperm supplies at a respectable joint, pay a good-looking contact, or blackmail a friend.  We've evolved. So I guess society must move on from the reality that fatherlessness isn't good for children or taxpayers. Perhaps we need to make peace with our fatherless-friendly jails and fatherless-centric crime waves too. For a Hollywood star, sheltered by bodyguards in a mansion, though, the moving on bit appears a little too easy. The fact is that times have changed - but not in the way Jennifer Aniston thinks. We don't all believe that fathers are dispensable creatures. From Kay S. Hymowitz of the Manhattan Institute (so it must be good): Aniston herself is...(Read Full Post)