Graph of the Day for August 21, 2010

"With the fixation on shrinking the budget deficit, why is over $700 billion in annual defense spending almost always off-limits for discussion? The mainstream media rarely explore possible cuts in the nation's largest discretionary spending item, and most politicians refuse to even consider the issue."  Katrina vanden Huevel, The Washington Post, June 22, 2010.

"Cut Defense Spending."  Lawrence Korb and Christopher Preble, The National Interest, June 16, 2010.

"My Advice for Obama - We could defend ourselves with a military budget half the current size."  George McGovern, The Wall Street Journal, June 2009.

"Barney Frank to Obama: Cut Military Spending."  Mother Jones, February 2009.

Data source:  US Statistical Abstract, Table 459.

Hoven's Index for August 21, 2010

National defense spending as a percentage of total federal spending:

1940-49 average:  57.8%

1950-59 average:  58.3%

1960-69 average:  46.8%

1970-79 average:  29.4%

1980-89 average:  26.0%

1990-99 average:  19.0%

2000-09 average:  19.0%

Payments to individuals as a percentage of total federal spending in 2010:  63.9%

Data source:  US Statistical Abstract, Table 459.

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