Graph of the Day for August 19, 2010

"Conservatives have finally figured out their critique of President Obama's agenda, and it's a familiar one: He wants to make us French...  What, exactly, is so awful about European social-style democracy? France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Norway, and Denmark are among the planet's more enlightened places, with excellent public services and benefits -- not to mention really fast trains."  Jacob Weisberg, Slate.

Recent Economic Growth in US and Europe (excluding former Soviet bloc)

Data source:  OECD.  Calculations and graphs by author.  (Growth over 2008-2010 is only through the 1st quarter of 2010.)

Hoven's Index for August 19, 2010

Annualized real GDP growth corresponding in time to fiscal budgets signed by President Bush (4th quarter of 2001 through 3rd quarter of 2009), selected OECD countries:

US:  1.59%

OECD-Europe average:  1.42%

Belgium:  1.41%

Norway:  1.40%

UK:  1.21%

Netherlands:  1.19%

G7:  1.16%

France:  1.04%

Germany:  0.52%

Denmark:  0.51%

Italy:  -0.01%

Data source:  OECD.  Calculations by author.

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