Why it is better to run as a Democrat

I am a registered Republican with Conservative views on most issue. However, after long debate with close friends and supporters, I concluded that I will have to run for office as a Democrat.

The reason is this: Back in 2005, some people close to then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay were embroiled in some corruption, or allegations of it. DeLay claimed he did nothing wrong, but to the constant drum beat of "corruption" and with the "support" of his colleagues, he stepped down from his powerful position and left Congress altogether.

This guy was cleared by the DOJ on August 16, 2010.

Now let's look at a different story.

In 2008, stories started swirling around another Congressman. Between others he was accused of "forgetting" annually to report to Congress rental properties he had outside this country, and was also accused of not paying tax on these earnings. However, despite these and other two-year-long accusations, and despite being recently indicted by the House Ethics Committee on a total of thirteen House violations (including things that are violations of the LAW, not just 'House Rules'), this person is still a Congressman!

If you wonder what the difference is between these two, look no further than their Party Line. Tom DeLay is a Republican, and the other Congressman, known as Charles Rangel, is a Democrat. As a Democrat, you stand a better chance to stay around with Chutzpa mostly because your friends circle the wagons for you - regardless if it is improper behavior in the Oval Office; regardless if you had shady property deals as a Senator from Nevada; regardless if as a Senator from NY, your staff dug up the Credit Report of a Black Candidate seeking office, and regardless if you are 'sloppy' while stuffing down your socks classified documents that can implicate you in being negligence regarding the 9/11 attacks.

As long you are a Democrat, you are good to go. However, if you are a Republican, the odds are that media reports will endlessly be against you, while your colleagues jump atop of each other to push you under the bus.

Due to all this, I decided that if I will be running for office, I will likely do it as a Democrat. This will increase the odds of not losing my job and reputation when being accused of things that I didn't do (as it was with the DeLay). As a Democrat, I stand a chance of becoming Treasury Secretary and/or having all powerful people at my birthday party despite not paying thousands of dollars in tax on an annual basis.

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