The 'Drink Me in November' tonic

Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland offers an interesting glimpse of what a little tonic can do to a person.  For Alice the "drink me" tonic made her small.  For Congress this November the "drink me" tonic of limited and smaller government will be given by the American people.  This tonic of reawakening has imbued a population of the silent majority with a sense of destiny in gaining what has been lost.

The "drink me" in November tonic is a cleansing of the political poison of statism that has grown government and belittled American citizens of their liberties.  The eating off the fat of government has made certain members of the populace obese in its dependence and has made the government sluggish in its efforts to pry up mad-hatter politicians who are rude in ignoring their constituents and provoking in their arrogance to do as they wish in spite of them. 

Americans have awoken from their political slumber and have reconnected to America, its documents, its roots, its founders. 

Here is a toast to the thirsty throats of Americans who will quench their freedom in November.

Drink me in November and you will see

the void, the wreck, the disharmony

come to a stall and then to an end

at the hand of this voting American.