Government Education Dollars at Work

My five-year-old son started kindergarten earlier this month. After his first day of class, he brought home a folder with lots of handouts for my wife and me to read and sign and return the following day. Frankly, we couldn't believe what we were asked to examine.One of the handouts was a letter signed by the school principal. Forgetting about all the letter's punctuation errors (at least fifteen by my count), there was one paragraph that caused both my wife and me to raise our eyebrows in mutual disbelief. That paragraph read:"Hot lunches are available in the café every day. A menu is published once a month. Cost for meals is listed on the meal application forms. Every student should return a completed meal form even if you think you do not quality [sic] or want school meals. Our final budget is based on student incomes as outlined by State and Federal guidelines."Rather than burden the government with the expense of providing our son with a hot lunch, we'd decided...(Read Full Post)