Will Canada wake up to the terror threat in time?

Dear Editor,

Police in Canada recently averted a major terrorist attack on Canadian soil. Six men were named as belonging to the terror cell, all Canadian citizens of Muslim extraction, one of them a Doctor. All of them are Islamists, or whatever the current word is for followers of Islam who murder and maim people who don't share their warped, demented mentality. Police dubbed it a "Real, Serious Threat" and said the men were plotting to use Improvised Explosive Devices in Ottawa, the country's capital.

Like most Western nations, including the United States, Canada has a serious problem with homegrown and imported terrorists acting in the name of Islam who wish to turn the country into an Islamic state and who have no compunction about using violence to bring this goal to fruition. This incident has received blanket media coverage and will no doubt do so for some time. Perhaps this will lead to Canadians becoming aware of the threat Islam poses to their society and how far Islamization has already progressed in their country. I certainly hope so. Most of them haven't got a clue right now.

To cite a personal example...earlier today I had a discussion about Islam with an acquaintance of mine who is bright, articulate, accomplished and who considers himself well informed about current events. He mouthed the usual platitudes about Islam and had no knowledge of its violent history, its actual teachings, the religious imperatives required of its followers or the bloody acts committed in its name every day throughout the world. In fact, he became quite upset when I pointed these things out to him and refused to believe that my comments contained even a modicum of truth. He also refused to 'do his homework' and investigate my assertions further through reading and studying various books and articles and following the trail as it were. The idea that there is any connection between Islam and terror was anathema to him.

Unfortunately, that's very representative of the population in general, which is worrisome indeed.

Jerry Philipson
British Columbia, Canada
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