There are now 13 Democrat-held Senate seats in play

Add West Virginia to the list of vulnerable Democratic held Senate seats with Governor Joe Manchin holding a slim  6% lead over Republican John Raese in a state where approval for President Obama is at 29%.

The current list includes 5 states where Republicans hold solid leads:  North Dakota, Delaware, Indiana, Arkansas and Pennsylvania; two states where the GOP holds a narrow lead: Colorado and Washington; 3 states where the race is essentially even: Nevada, Illinois, and Wisconsin; and 3 states where Democrats hold  small and shrinking leads: California Connecticut and West Virginia.  

The Republicans are now ahead in every race in which they currently hold a Senate seat, including New Hampshire, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio and Missouri, all at one time considered to be very competitive races.

It should be no surprise that more and more analysts now consider it a real possibility that the GOP will take control of both Houses this November, including today, liberal columnist Al Hunt.